Wednesday, 09 March 2016.

Quick Turn Assembly when you need it!

Quick Turn Assembly when you need it!

On-Demand is a dedicated electronic manufacturing operation focused in providing leading edge technology and rapid delivery cycles

Doing More                                                                                                        

Having a rich and diverse mix of clients, from start-ups to leading blue chip OEM’s, it is now time for a refresh on what we are offering to the market. As we continue to lead the market in a very demanding environment, it is imperative that we ‘move with the times’  

A new brand and name has been created in the form of On-Demand. We want to be the best and this means continually improving our services to all our customers. It also demands continued investment in people and equipment. It is not a surprise to see that we now have a third SMT placement line. The team is now geared up to support more development and quick turn opportunities. In addition to providing quotations within 3 days, we are now taking up the challenges to meet deliveries within 48 hours from materials release!    

Technology Drivers

The On-Demand team are fortunate to offer a service too many diverse market sectors and applications and with that brings exciting opportunities, challenges and technology drivers… component density being one of them!

The investments in SMT now allow the business to place discreet components down as small as 01305’s with 01005’s being the normal standard discreet device





Customer Support

How often do you have a critical project where customers need to know on a daily basis how the project is being delivered … “is it on time, is it within budget, will it make my exhibition demo on Tuesday?” These are all common questions we hear regularly and we don’t just want to meet our customers’ expectations, we want to exceed them!

We have listened and built a dedicated team within On-Demand to co-support all aspects of the customer experience. From our key account managers to our production engineers, we are a team who are there to build the trust and confidence on critical development programs, to co-support design enhancements and to deliver the best service for our customers



We have listened and built a dedicated team within On-Demand to co-support all aspects of the customer experience, from key account managers to production engineers who are free to co-support design enhancements, face to face meetings and reporting on all aspects of the data and build giving that trust and confidence on critical development programs. Daily communication with your dedicated Account Manager, along with clear performance measurements, has proven to be very influential in winning and keeping customers. The great result is that many customers coming back time after time

The service we offer is there for all customers, sectors and applications.  From time to time projects slip due to unforeseen circumstances; this puts pressures on all areas of the development team to maintain the project release date. On-Demand can assist and offer solutions to ensure this happens