Wednesday, 09 March 2016.

Factory Logix - The Future is Client Online Tracking

Factory Logix - The Future is Client Online Tracking

To complement significant investments in hardware improvements, Exception has turned its focus onto its control system. The investment in Aegis FactoryLogix is the Company’s largest single software investment in its 40-year history


After a 12 month selection period, Aegis FactoryLogix was chosen as the most capable adaptive framework for Exception’s manufacturing operations, offering fast, simple, controlled production preparation even for large groups of engineers working in tandem. It has improved an already streamlined system and helped reduce engineering time and NRE costs back to the end customer. Speaking further about the benefits of the system, Paul Stone, Exception’s Business Planning Director said "FactoryLogix will enable us to bring together current manufacturing working procedures and data collection under one system, providing enhanced routing control over manufacturing cycles, improved levels of traceability, real time product status and quality performance data, all without compromising flexibility"

Whilst the investment cost is significant, we expect to see financial payback very quickly – and we’ve already seen how well it has complements our existing Quality Management Systems and provides major benefits for our customers. Just as importantly, as we adopt FactoryLogix across the entire site and introduce more customers it allows us to have common controls across the business and more easily compare performance

The full implementation of this system is planned for completion by the end of June 2016


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